Monday, November 24, 2014

Save Your Pennies: Rimmel Exagerate Undercover Shadow Primer

rimmel undercover eye primer review
All you oily lid gals, raise your hand (>>raises hand the highest<<).  Making eyeshadow stay put is a quest for me.  Not just any primer will do.

This primer did not do.

I wanted it to do so bad.  I'm still looking for a drugstore primer that works as well as my current fave, the Lorac Behind The Scenes primer.  I'm still working my way through a deluxe sample but what happens when I run out?  What happens then?!
rimmel undercover eye primer review

I know what doesn't happen.  I don't buy this again.  It just isn't up to snuff.  I had definite creasing by the end of the day and probably even mid-way through the day.  It was almost as though I had no primer on my eyes at all.  Bummer.    

Rimmel, why you gotta do me like that?  

Do you have any drugstore primer suggestions?  
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