Monday, October 20, 2014

Goodbye Under Eyes

how to hide undereye circles
Not to brag, but I have terrible dark circles under my eyes.  And if I get less than 6 hours of sleep?  AVERT YOUR EYES.  I barely look human.  

So I've had the (dis)pleasure of scoping out every possible concealer/highlighter combo on God's green earth to attempt to look like a human woman again.  It's been a long journey my friends.  

I'd like to think I've concocted the perfect cocktail of color correcting, concealing and brightening to combat even the most stubborn under eye circles.  Here's what on the menu:

how to hide undereye circles

Step 1: Look in the mirror and shudder (optional).  Apply the miracle that is the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Extra Light Bisque (i.e. a peachy shade lighter than my skin tone).  This shade won't work for everyone but that's ok because Ms. Brown has you covered.  The shade range is awesome so have someone match the best shade or you.  I use the Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush for this because it's the perfect size and deposits just enough product with an airbrushed finish.  I tilt my head downward while looking in the mirror because it really makes the dark circle stand out (sexy) so I know where to target the product.  

Look in the mirror again and smile cautiously to yourself.  

Step 2:  Proceed to your eye makeup (I do this next so I can clean up any fallout from eyeshadow with the concealer but it isn't necessary).  Next, apply a minuscule dot (a full pump from the bottle is ridiculously too much) of MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (in NC20 for me) to the back of your hand.  Dab a small but fluffy brush lightly into the concealer and then apply over the area you applied the color corrector and slightly further out onto the tops of the cheekbones and down the side of the nose, making roughly a triangle shape under the eye.  I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush for this.  This concealer means biz-naz so go easy.  You can always add a touch more if you need it.  

You are beginning to look human again.  

Step 3: To set your concealer and add just the faintest hint of brightening, lightly dust some Bare Minerals Concealer in Well Rested. And I do mean faintest hint.  This powder has great coverage (and can even be used on its own) so it's easy to make this look cakey.  Go light and it will provide just a teensy bit more coverage and the yellow-undertones should counteract any remaining blue tones peaking through.  For this, I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush and be sure to tap tap tap excess off the brush before swiping.
how to hide undereye circles

Congratulations.  You are now human and will no longer scare small children and animals.  

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