Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's Love: Got2b Powder'ful

Mi amour!  got2b Powderful!  You've captured my heart!  I am yours!  

Have I sufficiently creeped you out?  

got2b powderful review
I can't believe it's taken me quite so long to mention this magical dust.  I've been using it for months and I think it's because it's such a staple for me that I sort don't think twice about it.  It would be like raving about the brand of cotton balls I use.  It just never crossed my mind.  

Before getting this, the concept of a powdered volumizer was foreign to me.  I always thought volume came from shampoo or root boosters or mousse (or a lot of backcombing.....).  But I heard one of my favorite YouTubers mention it and, for only $3.50, I thought it was worth a shot.    
got2b powderful review
I've been forever hooked.  It's formula is a superfine crystal-y dust that you sprinkle at your roots.  It provides instantaneous grip to your hair and with a little fluffing, you can get may-jah volume.  Like, maybe you'll be embarrassed by how much volume you get (I don't know that feeling though).  

Be warned:  a little goes a long way.  You need only a sprinkle around the roots to get results.  However, this tiny bottle will last you a lifetime.  You can pass it on to your children and their children.  Family heirloom.  Family hairloom.   I'll stop now.  

You'll also notice a particular..... "grit" to the root.  It makes hair feel a bit dirty but I need that "dirt" in squeaky clean hair to get texture.  Texture = volume.  Volume = good.  Ann happy.  

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