Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An Hourglass Blush Dupe?

That is a very purposeful question mark in the blog title.  Being that I don't actually own any Hourglass blushes, I don't feel particularly qualified to declare something a dupe.  You better believe that I've swatched the blushes nearly every time I've entered a Sephora but I could never get past the $35 price tag.  

So as I was perusing the drugstore aisles one day (as I'm wont to do quite frequently), I noticed these Illuminating Face Powders by Milani.  They're actually not marketed as blushes (instead they're meant to be various highlighters), but I noticed what seemed like a striking resemblance to the Hourglass blushes.  They're sheeny and glowy but subtle.  They're not uber pigmented and I like that in a blush.  I tend to have a heavy hand with blush application (despite my best efforts to avoid it), so I consider these blushes especially easy to work with.   

Hourglass blush dupe, milani illuminating powder swatch

1.  Beauty's Touch- This is a cool-toned very sheer pink that just adds a subtle lightness and glow to the cheeks.  The swatch above is actually a heavy-handed coat so when using a brush it applies much lighter and dewier.  

2.  Amber Nectar- This is definitely my most worn of the three.  It's a gorgeous bronzey peach shade that just works so well with my skin.  I find I don't need much bronzer when I wear this shade because it adds plenty of warmth to my skin and a slight contour.  It reads a little orangey on camera but I assure you, it's pure peachy goodness in person.  

3.  Hermosa Rose- This is a super dewy bronzey shimmer.  On the right skintone, it would be a beautiful highlighter.  On me, it makes for a great subtle "no makeup makeup" blush that adds a touch of color and golden glow.  

Now here's the downside: I would not applaud these blushes for their lasting power.  It can be quite dismal if you intend to wear them for a full day.  I find just a few spritzes of a setting spray, like Urban Decay's All Nighter, is enough to lock in the color.  For $8.99 (less than 1/3 the price of Hourglass), it's a small concession I'm willing to make.  

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  1. Hi Annie! My name is Minh and I found your blog through various product googling and I love your blog! Thanks for your recommendation on the Milani illuminators, I'll definitely check them out. I'm also very heavy handed with my blush and I have found that using a stippling blush to apply them helps! I tap my brush into my powder, check the pigmentation on the back of my hand, and apply. I hope this helps! Keep the great posts coming!


    1. Thanks Minh! I've just started using a stippling brush too and it's SO much better. Wish I knew that sooner!