Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Weekly Manicure #2: Rimmel Salon Pro Reggae Splash

This week's manicure injected a little color into my nails!  But not too much color.  Let's not get crazy.  

This is the first Rimmel polish I've owned, but it won't be the last.  Rimmel Salon Pro Polish in Reggae Splash is a beautiful muted neon orange.  Cantelope, if you will.  It seems like a color that wouldn't be flattering on the nails but it somehow just is.  The color reminds me of those Flintstone Push Pops that were my sole diet every summer of the 90's.  

The formula is pretty amazing for the price.  It's thick but not goopey.  It's a two coat job, but then again, most polishes are so I won't hold that against it.  I think the thing I enjoy most is the brush.  It's short and fat and makes for a quick, one stroke application.  

What have you got on your nails this week?

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