Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's Love: Miss Manga Mascara

Why yes, those ARE fake flowers.  What of it?

I'm in looooovvveeeee!

It's rare that I find a mascara that I like so quickly after trying it.  Often times, I need to let mascaras dry out a bit before I really fall in love.  And that's ok.  I'm prepared for that.  But gee whiz, is it nice to love a mascara after the first use.  Miss Manga, you saucy minx!  

The formula is gorgeously black and slightly wet but so manageable.  And while I was in love after first use, it's managing to get even better with time.  I find it easy to build for volume (my main objective) but it doesn't ignore the importance of lengthening!  

I use this on both my top and bottom lashes and have zero smudging or flaking all day.  Some mascaras tend to leave little black dots below my brow bone (I'm looking at you, The Rocket), but Miss Manga is a real champ.

Below, I'm attempting to model it's glorious effects.  

Have you tried Miss Manga yet?

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  1. Amazing ,the mascara looks really good on your lashes. I also wait mascaras to dry when I apply them. Great review.