Thursday, February 27, 2014

7 Things Making Me Happy This Week

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1.  The day that I can sleep in a glass bubble in the middle of the forest is the day I can die a happy woman.  These hotels to visit before you die are iinnssaannne.  And that underwater one?!  I'm dead now.  

2.  Get ready for me to blow your mind.  Andy's mom was Jesse's previous owner in Toy Story!  For real, it all adds up.  Do they ever miss a detail?  No, they do not.  

3.  This list about Chicago for out-of-towners is pretty spot on.  ESPECIALLY #1.  Navy Pier is kinda the worst.  And #4, we don't all sound like that.  Except sometimes we really do.  I think maybe my dad does jussttt a little sometimes.  

4.  What I'm about to tell you will be a true test of our friendship.  You will either completely agree or be totally disgusted and perhaps it's best we part ways.  But Taco Bell is making breakfast and I'M VERY EXCITED.  Exclamation points!  Yes, duh, it will be totally gross and it's not like I'm gonna swing by on a Tuesday morning for an AM Crunchwrap on my way to a meeting but a greasy Saturday morning breakfast?  Yep.  I'm all about it.  Are you with me?!  

5.  I recently discovered this blog and I think I've learned more about clean eating (Taco Bell breakfast notwithstanding), processed foods, sugar addiction and body image in the past few weeks than I have from any other source.  It's really eye-opening and it's certainly made me think twice before eating quite a bit lately.  I highly recommend getting lost in the archive of articles.  

6.  The hypocrisy of what I'm about to share is not lost me.  But now that we've talked about clean eating, I think I need to tell you about this new Ben and Jerry's innovation.  What took so long for someone to come up with this?  I almost never buy ice cream but when I do, I immediately pick out all the delicious bits and keep the rest in the freezer for 9 months.  But if I could have a perfect scoop every time, that would be bad news for my waistline.  

7.  Remember how I just blew your mind about Toy Story?  Well what if I told you that Harvard University was established before calculus was even invented?  Say what?!  AND that Galileo was alive during Harvard's early years!  My sense of time is very very wrong.  Before reading this list of 8 surprising history facts I would have estimated that Galileo lived in the 12th or 13th century or even earlier.  Very wrong.  Also, I think the concept that calculus was invented was lost on me.  I just kinda assumed it always existed.  How does one invent a type of math?!  And I wanna know who was reasonable for geometry because I have a bone to pick.  

So what's making you happy this week?
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