Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'm in pink. 

1.  Throwin' it waaayyyyyy back on this post guys.  The year was 1985 and it was a time of understated style, class and sophistication.

2.  Big hair.  Check it out.  I am my mother's daughter because big hair is my religion.  It's beyond my comprehension that anyone would want something other than big hair.  And hats?  NEVER.  If you wear hats you're dead to me.    

3.  Speaking of hair, I think my mom stuck that pink barrette at the top of my head just to make it clear that I was a girl.  At that age, it's anyone's guess really so my mom gathered what little wisps of hair that I had and successfully put them in a barrette and all was right in the world because I could successfully be identified as a girl.    

4.  My older sister and I have a long and complicated history of being dressed in matching outfits, which apparently started at a very young age.  My mom usually bought 2 of the same outfit, just different colors and as we got older, we were constantly confused for twins and my mom rarely corrected people.  I thought it was pretty awesome growing up because I always wanted a twin since I just assumed that reading each other's minds was part of the deal.    

5.  This may be confusing to you but we are not actually sitting in a meadow.  I KNOW.  Trust me, it's not an actual meadow.  Top notch quality at that portrait studio (probz a JC Penny or Sears).  

6.  That bandana.  I die.  

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