Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to clean makeup brushes (on the cheap)

If you use your makeup brushes with the frequency and fervor that I do, you really ought to be cleaning them quite regularly.  I'll sheepishly admit that I clean mine about once a month but I know I should really be doing it about once a week.  However, between cleanings I use my Elf Brush Cleanser so I feel slightly less guilty.   

But when the time comes for a good deep cleaning, there's really no reason to splurge on expensive cleansers or tools.  Just a few drugstore items will get the job done.  Here's what you'll need:  

1.  Baby Shampoo (I use Johnson & Johnson's)
2.  Rubber Gloves 
3.  Small bowl with warm water

Let's get started! 
Baby shampoo is best here because it's SO gentle.  Makeup brushes can actually be quite fragile so you don't want any cleansers that are harsh.  The rubber glove provides just the right amount of friction to create a good lather with the little rubber grippies on the palm and finger tips.  
Fill a small bowl with warm water and about a teaspoon of baby shampoo (exactness is not necessary here).  Dip your dry brush in the soapy water, swirl it about and then swirl the brush on the palm of your gloved hand using gentle pressure.  No need to smash the brush here, the little grippies will help to create a lather.  

Depending on how dirty your brushes are, you may see some makeup reside on your glove.  That's great!  It means your brushes are getting squeaky clean.  Once you've gotten the brush clean, run it under running water for just a seconds to rinse the soap and ensure that the water runs clean (a true sign the brush it clean).  

Allow brushes to lie flat on a towel to air dry completely.  Don't put them back into jars or canisters directly after cleaning because the water may travel into the root of the brush and cause it to crack or shed hair.  Mine usually dry in a few hours but I always let them sit overnight.  

Voila!  Clean brushes that smell soapy fresh!  

Do you have any other cleaning tips?  


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