Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Fingers

I'm sure I'm not the only lady who paints her nails, like, 3-4 times a week.  Partly it's because no base coat in the world can prevent chipping for me (and I do NOT tolerate chipping) but it's also because I find the act of painting my nails really relaxing.  And duh, I like having different colors on my fingers.

And I'm not one to strictly use "summer colors" or "fall colors" or whatever.  Of course I really love a bright neon in July or a deep berry in October but there are also a lot of other options that still look great for the season.

If I was cray cray rich, I'd buy EVERY Essie, OPI, and China Glaze collection under the sun.  And then I'd swatch them for you all and talk about the latest and greatest of the season.  But let's be real, I'm a lady on a budget so I often look for great drugstore options and tend to splurge on top coats or base coats.  Also, if kept well, nail polish lasts foorreever.  So here are some newbies and classics I've been loving lately.
L'Oreal Color Riche Walk On The Beach
I think it's only natural to think of dark colors when it comes to fall but I think a great nude polish looks good any time of year.  I especially love this shade because it's got cool tones which, for me, really flatters my skin tone.
Revlon Colorstay Fall Mood
I love this super metallic copper shade!  I saw this last week at Ulta and immediately snatched it up.  It's unlike any other shade I own and would make a great holiday shade too.  And an extra bonus, the metallic effect makes lightly harder to spot chips.
Orly Terra Mauve
This color looks unassuming in the bottle but it's such a lovely muted berry pink shade.  It's one of those no-brainer polishes that I reach for when I don't quite know what I want to wear.
OPI Ski Teal You Drop
Ah, this one is a classic!  I've worn it for years.  It's such a wonderful deep rich teal and a fun alternative to a dark berry or red for the colder months.  I've even seen a great dupe for this by Revlon (the name escapes me) if you don't want to drop the $9 on OPI.  
L'Oreal Stroke of Midnight
This is one of my newer polishes and I've worn it half a dozen times already.  It's a beautiful marbleized slate grey with streaks of silver.  It has a slightly cool blue tone and it's great when you want a dark nail but you still want something with a little interest.
L'Oreal Breaking Curfew
Yikes, can you tell I have a thing for L'Oreal polish lately?  For the price, I think it's one of the best drugstore options.  This shade is my favorite when I want a super dark nail but not quite black.  I like to wear my nails long and sometimes, black on long nails can look a little.... witchy.  This is a very deep berry purple that makes an excellent replacement.  

Well now you know what my fall fingers will look like.  What are you loving this fall?


  1. These colours are gorgeous.
    so appropriate for fall!

    1. Thanks Angelika! There are so many awesome collections out now. I want them all!