Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday

1.  Those are actual bunnies everyone!! Cuddly, adorable, tiny bunnies!!!  This was the best day of my life and everything else has been downhill.  Kidding but only sorta.  

2.  To our surprise and delight, we came home one day to find that one of our rabbits had given birth to 6 bunnies.  Who knew that rabbits like to procreate except everyone on Earth?  Turns out that baby bunnies are actually just little helpless creepy blobs (probz like real babies?) for awhile before they start to look adorable.  

3.  The mother rabbit was actually completely terrifying and genuinely frightened my sisters and me.  She scratched and thumped and bit.  Worst pet ever.  After she gave birth she basically ignored the bunnies, let two die, and then we intervened.  Intervening meant we put oven mitts on to hold her down so she wouldn't scratch our hands and then we let the bunnies feed.  I'm gonna make a great mother one day.  

4.  Gracie is holding the bunnies in her armpits for some reason.  

5.  Probably one of the last times I wore shorts.  My family genes do not allow for shorts in adulthood.  

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