Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday (on a Friday)

This last week got the better of me and I'm off on my posting!  Couldn't miss a Throwback Thursday though so it's coming at you on Friday.  

In both images, I'm the one on the left

1.  You get a two-fer today, you lucky dawgs.  Both pics were just so fabulous that I couldn't choose.  
2.  Oh the hair!  So many wonderful feelings about the hair.  My mom's hair is totes freshly permed.  Which is FINE because it was 1989.  I even once had a perm as a child because it was/is my dream to have beautifully curled locks.  Instead, it just sorta looked like my hair normally does on a really humid day (which is not great).  

3.  However, I'm not positive if my dad's hair is freshly mullet-ed.  But it is undoubtedly mullet-ed.  I'm not sure I can blame 1989 for that though.  He's gotta take full credit for that 'do.  Let's not blame a perfectly good decade for the mullet.  We all make our own decisions in life.     

4.  My parents have some mad style though.  My mom is poppin' collars like a boss.  And my dad is pulling off a plaid black and white short sleeve button up shirt with black tie as well as one would be expected to pull off such a garment.  Also, Blue Blockers apparently.  

5.  Doesn't it look like my mom has no legs? She's just a floating torso behind us.  

6.  I could probably just rename "Throwback Thursday" as "I had bangs."  Seems to be a running theme.  


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