Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spend Your Pennies: Elf Daily Brush Cleaner

Time for another round of Save Your Pennies/Spend Your Pennies!!  Glad to report, I got another a "Spend Your Pennies" this week.  It's the Elf Daily Brush Cleaner
I bought this little nugget on a whim while at Target one day (as most things at Target are purchased, I suppose) because it was cheap and I'm soooooo (ooooooo) lazy when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes.  I mean, I eventually get around to it but I wait FAR too long.  

The idea behind this product is that it's meant to be spritzed on makeup brushes daily to clean and disinfect them.  The weird thing is, Elf never includes ingredients on their packaging so I actually have no clue what's in it.  I will say, it smells squeaky clean (and the smell sticks around for awhile, FYI) so it makes me think it's getting the job done.  And, from what I can tell, it removes some leftover makeup residue on my foundation and cream blush brushes.  However, I would never let this fully replace a good brush cleaning.  But it does let me sneak a few extra days before the next cleaning.  

All in all, I'm really pleased with the Elf Daily Brush Cleaner and at $3, you should Spend Your Pennies! 


  1. Hi, new follower Amber

  2. hey, I actually bought this the other day, I really like the smell of it for some odd reason. I noticed though with my real techniques, eco tools, Sephora brand brushes, elf brushes, it does any amazing job for it what's it worth. but with my MAC 217 brush for whatever reason I don't think it's working, have you tried it on there. or am I just cray cray lol. Love your posts as usual Cyndi from

    1. Believe it or not, I actually don't own any Mac brushes! I've rreeallly been eyeing the 217 though. I hear it's so good! Seems like that's THE brush to have.