Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday

1.  Before you get confused I should tell you that this is not actually a photo of Princess Jasmine.  It's me, guys.   There is a striking resemblance though.  

2.  I distinctly remember being DEVASTATED when my Mom made me wear that pink T-shirt under the costume.  She was concerned I'd be cold trick-or-treating and she told me no one would even notice.  Well I noticed Mom!  I was convinced that the pink T-shirt was the only thing keeping my costume from being authentic.  However, I was not at all concerned about that mop of hair on my head.  

3.  The rest of the costume is actually just pajamas.  For reasons beyond my understanding, most "princess" costumes have a picture of the actual princess on the costume itself.  Even at the age of 9 I knew this was stupid because Jasmine would never wear an outfit with a picture of herself on it.  Duh Disney.  So I was happy to parade around the neighborhood in pajamas instead.  

4.  Though you can't quite tell in this picture, this happens to be right on the very cusp of my "awkward phase" which started around age 10 and lasted until about 27.  This is about the time when my nose and feet started growing faster than everything else on my body and my eyebrows began forming as one long straight brow.  However, my sense of smell was impeccable and I could swim like a fish.  There's no benefit to a unibrow though.  

5.  Man, I can really rock a red lip.  

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