Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Me, far right

1.  This photo should be in a time capsule for future generations to study.  It's almost like someone said "Gather children and compose a photograph that encapsulates the 90's."  And thus this photo was taken.  I'm sporting a high half ponytail, Sara (in pink) is wearing the widest belt ever manufactured with a black denim skirt and my cousins (the boys) are representin' in their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweatshirts.  Also, bangs.  Obviously.  Presently, there is a hipster in Wicker Park wearing these clothes ionically.  

2.  You're probably wondering if I'm wearing a full capri-length floral body suit with attached skirt.  To confirm, yes, I am.  And yes, I was very stylish at a very young age.  

3.  Not seen here (unfortunately), but my cousins were known to proudly sport a "rat tail" hairstyle in the 90's.  My Grandma Tina would braid it for them because I guess what the heck else are you supposed to do with a rat tail hairstyle ? (the correct answer is "never have a rat tail hairstyle")  

4.  I really look like I just sidled up into this picture with my hand jauntily on my hip.  I've got the mischievous grin only a 7 year old who thought she was Stephanie Tanner  would have.  Being a middle child, I fancied myself a "Stephanie Tanner" but I had neither the quick wit nor kickass dance moves.  

5.  My little sister, Gracie, is the nugget in the front who is basically 80% cheeks.  

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  1. Howwwww is it possible that I'm not familiar with this picture? And howwww is it possible that I am still roughly 80% cheeks?