Monday, July 15, 2013

My Favorite Beauty Bloggers

In keeping with my recent beauty-themed posts, I thought I'd do you all a solid a share a list of my all-time favorite beauty You Tubers.  

So in case you're unfamiliar (because I definitely was), being a beauty You Tuber (YT) is very much a thing.  These women are making a living off of chatting about products, providing reviews, and doing tutorials.  In other words, living the dang dream guys.  Plus, some of the YT-ers I follow have upwards of 1 million followers!  They're legit.   And much in the same way that  there are about a gillion baking blogs I follow (and I become obsessed with them and fancy myself BFFs with the author), I have quite a hefty list of "favorites" in the YT world.

​I've taken the liberty of dividing these into groups based on what the focus of their channel seems to be.  This is in no way official but it's just the way my brain categorizes them like a weirdo.  And warning, I follow a LOT of YTers.    

These are the TYers that I think offer the most step-by-step tutorials along with a few other videos now and then.  

Pixiwoo:  This is probably the most tutorial-heavy channel I follow.  And these ladies (they're sisters) are mad talented.  What they can do with makeup is ammmazziingg.  They do a lot of celebrity-inspired tutorials and while I may be too timid to attempt a full "look," I'll often take tips to apply them to my everyday routine.  Plus, these guys are so popular that they've even started a line of makeup brushes, called Real Techniques, that are affordable and really effective.  And they're British.  So 'nuff said.

Tanya Burr:  Again, British.  I'm obsessed.  She also does a lot of celebrity tutorials in addition to some lifestyle/beauty videos too.  She'll post monthly favorites, "hauls," and various TAGs (a TAG is when there's a theme to the video and they "tag" other YTers to make the same video following the theme).  ​She's SUPER smiley and just genuinely fun to watch.  

Makeup by Alli: While Alli certainly does a mix of beauty and tutorials videos, I'd estimate that 60-70% of her videos are tutorials.  I love watching Alli because she's totally bold with color and she's not afraid to do some of the trendiest stuff without looking silly.  Plus, she does an amazing job of using a lot of drugstore products that doesn't cost a fortune.    

I'd say the following YTers do equal parts tutorials and beauty videos.  By far, this is the largest type of YTers I follow.  
Makeup by Tiffany D: The first YTer I started following!  She's got a decent amount of tutorials (most of which focus on different eye makeup) plus lots of great product review, hauls, "favorites" and other how-to's.  She certainly uses a fair share of drugstore products but also doesn't shy away from high-end products.  While I love hearing about high-end products, it's unlikely I'll ever spend that kind of moolah on makeup so occasionally I can't relate.  

Essie Button-  She's one of my favorites to watch.  She's a Canadian living in London and she's just hilarious to watch.  She's got a great sense of humor and even though her advice is great and I trust her opinion, she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously.  

Amarixe:  With Amarixe I tend not to get much value out of the tutorials but she does a great job of recommending products (including swatches and accompanying blog posts) along with some fun DIY videos too.  

MissGlamorazzi- I sort of had a love/hate relationship with her at first because I found her to be a BIT too bubbly for my liking but I'll admit she's got some solid product reviews on her channel.  She's probably the most thorough with product reviews of all the YTers I follow.  

GemsMaquillage: First off, she's British (again) and I LOVE her accent.  I could mostly just listen to her talk all day.  I've only just started following her recently but she has some great product recommendations and she's also really descriptive with her reviews and thoughts.  At the very least, just listen for the accent.  

FleurDeForce: I'm a new follower to Fleur too (British again, I have issues) and I'm really starting to like her.  Like a lot of others, she does tons of Favorites videos, "empties" (when they review products they've used up), and hauls.  She's also BFFs with a YTer called TalkBeckyTalk and I just may begin following her too.  

While the following YTers will do the occasional tutorial, they seem to primarily stick to reviews, tips, or hauls.

Tati from GlamLifeGuru:  I've found that I've probably gotten the most useful tips from Tati and her product recommendations are so thorough.  Plus, she posts a lot of shorter videos that are quick to watch but still hold a lot of value.  

Zoella: You guessed it, a Brit again, and I don't even remember how I stumbled across her.  But she does a lot of fun TAG videos and lots of hauls.  She's not one of my "must-watch" top YTers because I don't think she shows much I can really put to use but I still find her entertaining.  

Are you exhausted now?  Admittedly, I spend a lot of time watching these YTers but I don't have cable so often times, this replaces TV for me.  As a result, my makeup collection has grown considerably.  So if you're interested in makeup, give these ladies a shot!  You will love and hate me for it.  


  1. I'm surprised EmilyNoel83 didn't make the list. She has great tutorials and reviews. She does a great job at year end recommendations she calls the Emily awards.

    1. Ooo, I haven't heard of her! I'll totally check her out. Thanks for the recommendation :)