Monday, July 1, 2013

June Beauty Favorites


 My very first "favorites" post!  Considering I spend approximately 70% of my life either reading baking blogs, beauty blogs, or watching You Tube makeup tutorials, I thought it was time I tried my hand at a monthly makeup favorites post.  Goodness knows I own enough products to gab your ear off for the next week.

Ok, first up, hair.

Boy oh boy do I love this spongey donut thing.  If you're unfamiliar, it's used as a supplement (?) to a "sock bun" which is all the rage on the web.....and in real life.  Basically, I make a ponytail on the crown of the head, put this donut at the base of it and then start swirling my hair into/around it to make either a messy bun or a sleeker bun.  Or sometimes messy when I'm trying to be sleek.  It happens.

This is the quickest and easiest way to make a hairstyle with impact and it's SO PERFECT for dirty hair.  I'm admitting on the internet that I do not wash my hair every day (and sometimes not even every other day) and let's just say I know a thing or two about dirty hair.  Sock bun is the way to go on dirty hair days.

I bought mine at Claire's Boutique (because I'm 12?) for about $6.50 but I've seen them at Ulta, Target, Sally's and a bunch of other places.  Get at it.

Umm, speaking of dirty hair......  You gotta have dry shampoo in your arsenal.  Aside from its obvious use of soaking up oil, it's actually great to use for volume too!  I recently discovered that I was using dry shampoo wrong because I didn't read the directions (obvi).  The trick is, you need to let is sit in your hair for about 5-10 mins so the powder can soak up the oil.  Then brush it out.  It all makes sense now.  

This particular variety says it has a slight brown tint and I would agree that slight is a good description.  I have relatively dark hair so I still get quite a bit of white-cast powder residue but it's really easy to brush through.    

Before this concealer, I was choosing my concealers all wrong.  I kept buying that cheap-y stuff (because I'm cheap) that comes in a stick and looks like a lipstick tube.  No no no no no.  Silly Annie.  

This liquid concealer is light and slightly creamy.  I use it to cover up blemishes and for under-eye darkness.  And trust me, I got under-eye circles like whoa.  It's easy to blend and holds up all day.  Luurrv it.  

This is just one of my many Color Tattoos and in the pot, it doesn't look particularly impressive (in fact it's not quite so dark in person) but it's a gorgeous warm bronze shade that is totally perfect if I don't have time for much eye makeup.  Just a swipe of this with some mascara and I'm ready to go.  It's also a great base if you're going for a bronze-y smokey eye (and it pairs well with the Urban Decay Naked Palette).  Plus, it takes so little product to make an impact that I'm pretty sure this will last me until 2027.  

This lipstick is sooooooo not me.   But it is!  I'm conflicted!  The picture really doesn't do it justice because it's more orange and coral in person.  

I have worn some truly awful orange-toned lipsticks in my time so I just assumed they're not for me.  But I was looking through some Rimmel lipsticks at the store and something about this one really caught my eye.  It's somehow subtle but bold.  I'd say it mostly reads red but with a definite orange tone.  I'll admit, this does dry my lips out considerably after a day's wear but for the price, I can handle applying some chapstick now and then.  

Man I have had a tough time finding a bronzer I actually like.  Part of the problem is that I'm so cheap so I'm determined to find a drugstore bronzer for cheap and I started to think maybe inexpensive bronzers just aren't great quality.  Until this one!  It's crazy pigmented and it takes a little blending to ensure it looks natural but the tone suits my skin color so well.  I wear it every day now to add just a touch of color to my skin.    

I probably could have gabbed about a million other products for hours (how did I not mention a nail polish?!) but I thought I'd keep it (sort of) brief.  What have been your favorites this month? 


  1. I have not tried the NYX HD concealer and now you have me intriqued and somehow I've missed the Wet N Wild bronzers. It seems that my drugstore is always sold out. :( I am currently wearing the Kate lipstick in 104 which I love!! Color tattoos and dry shampoo is a must for every girl.

    1. Definitely give NYX a try! I find the coverage is good while still feeling light on the skin. And I have Kate 104 too! It's another of my faves.

  2. I loooove Maybelline Color Tatts! especially that Bad to the Bronze! I gotta check out that NYX Concealer now hehehe great faves!

    1. Color Tattoos are THE BEST. I think you'll really like the concealer. It's so affordable but still great quality. Definitely a "holy grail" product for me!