Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weight Loss- Week 2


1 pound lost!

Now I'm heading in the right direction!  I'd love to see that number at 1.5 or 2 pounds per week so I'm hopeful I can make that happen.  

I think the biggest thing I learned this week was to actually listen to my own stomach and stop eating when I'm, ya know, full.  Groundbreaking concept, right?  But sadly, I sometimes didn't listen to my own stomach.  If something tastes good I'm pretty happy to clean my plate.  Stopping when I start to feel full has made me realize I can still eat things I really love but just in moderation.  

So my focus this week is:

1.  Healthy snacks.  Berries are affordable these days I could probably live off of raspberries for the rest of my life so I'm stocked up on healthy snacks this week.  

2.  Hydrate!  I'm usually insanely good at drinking plenty of water all day at work but weekends and weeknights are a different story.  I want to stay hydrated from morning to night.  

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