Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday

This one is a gem!  It's special for so many reasons.  

1.  My hair is basically bleach blonde on the ends because I was never not underwater in a chlorinated pool for the whole summer.  It's borderline green hair.  

2.  Scrunchy.  On top of my head.  Right where it should be in 1994.  

3.  I'm wearing a bodysuit.  The kind that snapped in the crotch.  Why were those ever a thing and why is American Apparel trying to make them happen again?  Needless to say though, I owned a dozen of them.  

4.  Paint splatter background.  I think I practically begged my mom for this background.  It's just SO COOL.  Almost as cool as the laser background or the brick wall background.  Almost.  

5.  When this picture was taken, I was really heavy into my Dean Cain obsession (he was in his Superman days!) and despite it being really weird that I was 10 and he was about 30, my mom let me send him a letter and ask for his autograph.  So, I offered to trade autographs with him by signing this very picture of myself and sending it to him.  I would give nearly anything to read the letter that I actually wrote him because it would surely be comedy gold but it must have worked because he sent an autograph back! It was the best day of my 10-year old life.   And I'd probz still rank it in my top 5 days of my 28 year old life.  #sortasad

6.  Clearly this was life before braces.  CLEARLY. 

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