Sunday, March 3, 2013

Annie's City Livin'

So sometimes I think about things outside of my kitchen.  Weird, I know.  And what I love most about a lot of my favorite bloggers is learning a little about what they love to do/see/read outside of their own kitchen.  So here's some stuff:   

1.  Making it's way around the internet is Jennifer Lawrence's interaction with Jack Nicholson at the Oscar's and it's completely hilarious.  She's always got a quick wit and has no shame in laughing at herself.  Even when Jack Nicholson is being a bit of a creep.

2.  So occasionally I go through phases where I actually just want myself to shutup.  It's not that I dislike the sound of my voice, it's that I actually can't stand most of the words coming out of my own mouth.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Like, you're sick of the old familiar phrases you always say and the way you say them.  Anyone?

3.  Not even a little bit embarrassed to admit that I've begun watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix and there is no turning back.  I'm not above tween lit, television and movies so obviously I read/watched all Twilight installments.  Well, clearly Vampire Diaries is right up my alley but I swear it's more mature!  I  mean, the characters are still in high school and all but there's something slightly less insufferable about the show than Twilight.  And let's face it, there's no Kristen Stewart which is an immediate plus.

4.  In a perhaps surprising admission given my Vampire Diaries viewing, I also feed my brain with things of greater substance and one of favorites ways to pass the time on the CTA (aside from reading Games of Thrones, duh) is to listen to This American Life.  I find every episode interesting but their recent two part series on Harper High School was completely fascinating and heartbreaking.  Being that I live in Chicago, it's sad and devastating that these stories happen so close to home but still feel so distant to me.  At several points during the second episode I even teared up (on the CTA no less) and I'm usually a stone-hearted monster.  I urge you to listen.  

5.  My friend sent me this link from Thought Catalog and it's basically like I wrote it myself.  They're all so sadly true.  I think I went from 21 years old to 65 years old in a matter of a few months.  I just wanna stay home and knit.  

6.  I knit now!  Don't be impressed though.  I barely knit.  I use a loom actually (which is marketed as a great tool for the elderly or children) so I'm sorta cheating.  But regardless, it's relaxing and it keeps my hands busy so I don't eat pounds and pounds of Goldfish crackers.  Which I can easily and happily do.  

So what's new in your 'hood?  

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