Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stepping out of the kitchen....

About 6 months ago, my eyebrow went rogue.  My right eyebrow constantly appeared as though I had just face-planted and took a nap on my face for 2 hours.  I had never used any brow gels or products so I just kept smoothing it back into place every time I looked in the mirror.

On a whim, I bought Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear.  It was on clearance at CVS so I paid a few bucks and thought it might be nice to try on weekends when I was looking for something subtle.  Silly me.  Little did I know it was the greatest brow gel ever.

I don't have to fuss with matching colors since I'm not looking to fill my brows in.  I'm just looking for a little styling power for my crazy rogue eyebrow.  I use just a bit by swiping it on my brows with the applicator as one of the last steps of my routine and my brows look great all day long.  

So much cheaper than "real" brow gels and a lot less fuss.  At about $5 at most drugstores, you can tame those brows girl!  Show them what's what.      

Do you have any drugstore faves?

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