Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Birchbox Review

Have you heard of Birchbox?

Allow me to explain.  You request an invitation.  You wait anxiously for your invitation via email.  You think maybe this is an incredibly exclusive club.  You receive your invitation and confirm your subscription type (for me, I chose a $10 month-to-month).  You receive your first Birchbox!  
For $10 smack-a-roos, I get a box with about 5 sample-size beauty products chosen according to my account preferences once a month.   It includes a brief description of the products with further online info and tutorials, and should I fall in love with any of the products, I can order them directly from Birchbox, sometimes with a discount and free shipping.  
Being that one of my New Year's Resolutions was to spend money more frivolously, I thought this was a great way to spend $10 every month!  I kid.  It seemed like a great idea for me because I don't have the moolah to buy fancy products all the time.  So if I find one or two great products from Birchbox and decide to splurge and buy them, I can feel confident buying a product I've sampled and enjoyed.  

Let's get started:  
The lineup.  A selection of hair, face, and body products.

Harvey Prince/ Skinny Chic:

This is a perfume described as "a zesty blend of apple, mint and lotus blossom."  I'm not entirely sure I know what lotus blossom smells like and I couldn't detect any mint, per se.  First impression- it's certainly a strong, sweet scent.  I think I'd be more likely to wear it in summer.  It also alludes to keeping energy levels high and fighting cravings.  Yeah.  Sure.  I still ate three M&M cookies but I won't blame the perfume for that.  

100% Pure/ Nourishing Body Cream: 
Please excuse my un-polished nails.  

It's vegan!  Given the amount of butter I use, I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that I'm not vegan.  However, I do like knowing this hand-cream is made from vegan and organic products.  At least I'm not slathering some chemicals on my body.  And this stuff is thick and luxurious with an amazing coconut scent.  Loving it so far.  

Clark's Botanicals/ Smoothing Marine Cream: 

This one is the fancy schmancy face cream.  It's billed as an "exfoliating moisturizer" with glycolic acid.  It smells glycolic-y (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and it tingles for a few seconds after applying.  This past week in Chicago has been frigid cold and I used this on a day that I desperately needed  moisture.  This certainly did the trick.  Being $115 at full price, I'm not entirely sold yet....

theBalm/ Put a Lid On It:  

This is an eyelid primer and I was most excited to try this product.  I have yet to find a primer that actually keeps my eyeshadow in place.  I kind of assumed it didn't exist.  I've only used this one day so far (not a long workday) but so far, so good.  A 10-hr workday will be the real test though.  

**2/8 Update: I've been using this daily and it's totally amazing.  Does an excellent job of preventing creasing and even works to hold some less expensive eye shadows that usually diminish throughout the day.  I'm in love.  

amika/ Color pHerfection Shampoo: 

Full disclosure, I haven't tested this yet but the description says it keeps hair color bright and shiny using omega acids and buckthorn berry oil.  It smells delightful and that is often all I need to be sold on a shampoo.  

So far, I'm pleased with my first Birchbox experience! It's a great selection of products and they're the perfect size for tossing in my purse.  Have you tried Birchbox? 

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