Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Week in Instagram

Working clockwise from top left

Christopher Kimball! Just livin' the dream guys.  My sis and I went to a book signing by the Christopher Kimball of America's Test Kitchen.  It was accompanied by a presentation and Q&A session, and aside from a  few weird questions by the audience (such as "Do you take your wedding rings off when you're working with your hands?"), it was just as magical as it sounds.  

Painting and Movies: My sis and I bought some inexpensive miniature houses from Michaels (about $4 apiece), pulled out my giant stash of cheap acrylic paints and watched Home Alone while we painted.  Obviously I chose the "bakery."  It was relaxing and Christmas-y and it's likely I'll paint a whole village before the season is over.  

Fraggle Apron!  My love for Fraggle Rock (and all things Jim Henson) could warrant a blog all it's own so it's putting it mildly to say I was excited to receive this adorable apron in the mail as a birthday gift from my little sis.  She really knows the way to my heart- through the kitchen.  

Birthday Dining: As mentioned, I celebrated a birthday recently and all you need to know is that I'm over 21 and under 30.  No further details will be provided.  However, I had a lovely lunch with my sis and the BF (including wine at lunch, which is the best ever), then I caught a matinee for the Twilight movie, went shopping and went for a run at the gym.  Sorta a perfect day.  It seems only right that wine should always be had at lunch.   

I love Instagrammin' (just made that a verb) and you can follow me at AnnCLindsay.  Stay tuned next Sunday for more riveting details of my life!  I hope you can handle the suspense.   


  1. A fraggle Rock apron? Seriously? I think this might be the best thing ever created, and I really want one!

    1. I know right?! I THINK my sis may have ordered it from or Drop some hints for Christmas :)