Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Drugstore Find: Chapstick

As much as I hate to admit it, I might be too old to be carrying around some Bonne Bell chapstick.  With flavors (scents?) like Vanilla Frosting and Cotton Candy, it just doesn't say "I'm a young working professional with a salary and a savings account" (<< barely a savings account).  So recently I decided to find an inexpensive replacement that was maybe a bit more age appropriate.  Of course, the replacement I found was called "Baby Lips" so not sure if I accomplished that mission.  

I've been using Maybelline's Baby Lips for a few months and I really bought it on a whim.  I happened to be in a rush and ran to the drugstore to grab any chapstick I could find.  Baby Lips was inexpensive (about $3-$4) so I chose a scent that included SPF and was on my way.  I used it for a few weeks and really liked how well it moisturized and the slightest hint of gloss it provided.  When that stick ran out, I stopped to get more but grabbed a different scent because I like a little spice in my life guys!  

To my surprise, with the new stick, I realized the scents were actually a bit pigmented too.  I'm making discoveries all over the place!    

(P.S. Yes, I definitely have gold-speckled Formica countertops)

So I grabbed a few colors and I've been loving them all.  They're actually quite a bit pigmented but not quite the commitment that lipstick can be.  I have commitment issues with lipstick.  I think it stems from my childhood.

I realize this picture makes it look like a crayon but I promise it's not.  I would never recommend you use a crayon on your lips.  Marker maybe, but never crayon.  

So there ya' have it, a chapstick recommendation from someone completely unqualified to be providing beauty product recommendations.  You're welcome.  


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