Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo-a-Day November Challenge

So the kids these days are doing this thing called "Photo a day challenges" that look a little something like this:

This challenge was created by Fat Mum Slim (which sounds like a pretty legit rapper) though her site appears to be down at the moment.  However, I got the idea for the photo a day challenge from a blog I follow regularly, Brown Eyed Baker.  The challenge is a simple concept but I love the commitment to inject something creative into my life every day.  

Since I stumbled upon this challenge on Friday, I missed Day 1 and 2 so obviously I'm a failure and I should just quit.  But I'm holding my head high and carrying on!  I'll be recapping the week's photos each weekend here on the blog but I'll be posting daily on Instagram at @AnnCLindsay and on Twitter at @AnniesCtyKtchn if you care to follow.   

#3  Breakfast       

What is there to say about my beloved Saturday morning breakfast routine that hasn't already been said?  Saturday mornings encompass everything that is wonderful and good in the world.  The work week is behind you and the weekend is ahead of you.  Calories don't matter and money is of no consequence.  Which is why I eat a calorie-laden pastry or bread every Saturday and buy a $4 dollar latte.  No regrets!  My sister and I make ourselves barely presentable for public, we get ourselves breakfast and then we watch an episode of America's Test Kitchen followed by an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras or Dance Moms.  Provocative and thoughtful entertainment.  

If only I could capture the hope and optimism of Saturday and bottle it for the work week.  But alas, by 8pm on Saturday evening I already feel twinges of anxiety because tomorrow is Sunday and if it's Sunday it might as well be Monday and Monday means working and five full days until Saturday again and INEEDSATURDAYMORNINGRIGHTNOW.  I need mental help.  

#4 TV

I've waxed poetic about Cupcake Wars in the past and it was shear coincidence that when I decided to check today's challenge, it said "TV" just as I was watching Cupcake Wars.  Ok, I suppose "coincidence" isn't the right word because I'm sorta always watching Cupcake Wars.  Aside from the reasons I've already mentioned, I love watching the show if only to hear people pronounce the word "cupcake."  Everyone on the show makes such a pronounced hard "K" sound and I have this weird fascination with hearing people pronounce certain words or sounds.  That paired with Florian's (the French guy) pronunciation of nearly every word, it's 45 minutes of total delight for me.  Oh, also the cupcakes.  I enjoy the Kupcakes.   

So I think I'm off to a good start!  I'm trying to make a commitment to regular blog posts and more content so get ready for some thought-provoking stuff guys!  I've got a lot of thoughts about hairspray and lipgloss.    

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